A downloadable game for Windows

for GMTK Game Jam 2019 (This Game was made in 48 hrs)


1)worked on Look and Feel

2)minor bug fixs

Download the Lastest build "GM_TK_GameJamSubmissionUpdate.zip"

The Last Samurai


you are a  Samurai who fought a War ,Lost Body Parts but Got replaced with Augments , You have good Reputation in Fights , General Commando Made a Clone of you and Miss Treating your Honor!, Can you Kill the Clone! And Can you Be the One!?  

Art Style : Cyberpunk 

Theme: One and Only!

1) Mirror AI - Copies every Move of the Original, AI is Immortal At Start! Find the Weakness then Kill the Clone

2)Semi Open World Vertical Level Design

3)intense Combat with Killing music

4)Breathtaking Visual's

5) Controller Friendly (Better to player with a PS4 Controller)   


Sound designer for the game Music


Spotify Link--->https://open.spotify.com/artist/6GLxBRUydDvwC3RalwyOnK

Install instructions

Download the ZipFile

Unpack the file 

go with default resolution for better results

Press On the .exe to the play

Have fun guyzz :)


WAR_TheLastSamurai_Gamjam_submission.zip 121 MB
GM_TK_GameJamSubmissionUpdate.zip 81 MB

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