A downloadable game for Windows

This game was inspired from a Table top game that i made in my free time it was called as Ally

**there are loading screens in the game please be patience after you click once**

this is a Semi Open world ARPG

story Content , some of the mechanics was inspired from book Necromancer

Early Access 

What you can Except in this game's future

1)vertical cities anomalies can be explored completely 

2)Rpg elements, Combat of different play styles

3)AR games as side quests in the game

4)Taking to Space Exploration 

5)new SFX, Music etc......

6)New AI combat

7) defining Power ups with Body mods

8)Rewriting the Dialog from player inputs before game starts 

Help your Pal out (by donating 1 dollar )for Making this game to its level in future :)


City exploration controls 

Press 2 to Switch to Car After you choose City exploration

W,A,S,D movement, Mouse Look to move towards the direction, R(Press and Hold R then move the mouse to recenter) to reset the Car position if, it is off the camera 


Sword fighting controls

Press L(switch characters like Gta :) ) After you choose samurai in the menu

Sword combat can be best played with PS4 Joystick(Samurai) 


Controls for Hacker(Net runnerr) and Hitman (Solo)

W,A,S,D movement, Right click to zoom , In Zoom I,O,P, 1x ,4x,8x zoom

press X (on and off)to grapple mode 

press 1 to Add  retro a filter 

Left Click to shoot , V to Auto Target you bullets to enemies , press and hold( to tweak) C to use Slow mo potion, B to (change DPS only for guns)

for hacking(white glowing cubes which can be found in the city ) for netrunner

right click point your cursor toward the (glowing cubes) press left click to trigger a hack then press Q to open Cyberspace of particular building database


Cyberspace controls

w,a,s,d before you enter the database , mouse look to get in to one of the data point 

Space Bar to hack High rated Files(watch out for Antivirus attacks (don't be in range of Antivirus AI )before you hack files)


Ending of the demo happens when Successfully hacking any one of the cyberspace in the game

if player dies they go back to Main menu

Music Reference 


Install instructions

Install the file unzip it click on EXE to play the game

System Requirements

16 GB RAM GTX 980 or higher

intel I7 processor 


FinalMPupdate.zip 376 MB